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About Us

A little bit of background about the Monkeyspeak Coffee Family

We established Monkeyspeak Coffee in 2016 in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Since 2018 our main offices, workshop and warehouse are in Makati, Metro Manila.

So, what is it that we do? Well, put kind of formally - we provide space, energy and cost efficient “Single Serve” coffee solutions, which are user friendly, and ideal for HORECA (i.e. Hotels / Restaurants / Catering; Food Service), residential, office, showroom, hotel in-suite, meeting and convention spaces, shared work spaces; etc. At present these solutions are fully Nespresso compatible.

We have a physical store in Central Square Mall, BGC although our primary focus is on three main channels:
• Online – allowing us to reach and be reached by consumers not only in Metro Manila but also in every corner of the Philippines no matter how remote and to offer the best variety, value and service
• B2B – Hotels and resorts nationwide, for their food service outlets and for in-room coffee
• B2B – Offices and workplaces through coffee subscription packages, creating a superior coffee experience for visitors and employees alike without the major investments in equipment and training, or the countless hours lost in chain coffee shop queues.

For us everything starts and ends with the client. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and consistently positive customer experience. No challenge is too big or too little to tackle.

Monkeyspeak was conceived on the foundation of giving the Philippines consumer (in every market segment) access to a great selection of Nespresso compatible coffees and chocolates, of the finest quality, and at affordable prices. We love helping the Philippine coffee lovers and first timers.

We are fully focused on proactively protecting the environment. Our range is almost entirely in Biodegradable and Bio-compostable capsules, while the remaining minority is fully recyclable. For our corporate clients this translates into a major tick in the areas of environmental management and CSR. While for every one of us and our clients, every cup of coffee is an active step away from contributing to environmental ailing: Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Healthy Planet.

As you browse you will also find a versatile range of equipment and accessories which we actively source with the intention of providing our clients viable and interesting options. These are also required to pass the quality + value test.

We are fully committed to supporting local Micro and SME businesses, and always open to collaborations.
If you have an idea you would like to discuss just reach out – it’s easy to reach Vic or Lex without the need to climb the social ladder.

About Our Coffees and Chocolates

Our coffees and chocolate drinks are at the very top end of anything found in the Philippines market. We curate our range with great care and continuously review and refresh to present our clients with options to suit every taste. All capsules are the latest in Nespresso compatible technology.

The current range is imported from Australia and Spain. The coffees originate from 3 highly reputable international Roasters who take real pride in the beans they source and in every step of the process from plant to cup.

Di Stefano Coffee Roasters

Award Winning Roastery with over 30 years’ experience. Proudly 100% Australian and Family Owned with one of the largest coffee manufacturing facilities in Australia. Di Stefano Coffee Roasters are behind these 2 iconic ranges:

Di Stefano Reserve Lot: A premium boutique range of signature blends. The Master Roaster has applied the art and science in equal measure to come up with several distinctive blends of Robusta & Arabica beans, and roasting profiles. We have also added a chocolate variant which has become a bestseller since its introduction. Packaged in compostable capsules.

Primo Coffees: The very original continental blends developed by Di Stefano that have been enjoyed in the cafes of Australia for decades. The Arabica / Robusta blends are perfect as espresso and also combine beautifully for milk coffees.


Since being founded in 1940, Cafes Granell have been perfecting their blending and roasting methods within the family resulting in Spain’s finest coffees. This range of 100% Arabicas in compostable capsules perfectly demonstrates their heritage and finesse. The infusion of flavours in the “Aromas” variants combines distinction with subtlety that has taken years to perfect.


Carefully crafted Arabica/Robusta blends to match and maximise roast strength. The chocolate range is truly decadent, with a great variety where every variant has become a huge favourite with young and old alike.
Packaged in Oxo-biodegradable capsules with an extended shelf life.
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