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Installment Subscription

Monkeyspeak Coffee Installment Purchase Program & Capsule Subscription Terms & Conditions.

Enjoy the convenience of spreading your payments when purchasing our premium quality espresso machines and milk frothers using your credit card (or post-dated cheques).

The Pinta espresso machine is bundles with a monthly 40 capsule subscription, while you may add the stylish Latte Mio or the luxury Luxe Latte milk frother to your purchase. 

The monthly installment is P2,310 (Pinta 1,150 and capsules 1,160) for 6 months.

You may add a Latte Mio frother @ 500p.m. or Luxe Latte frother @ 583 p.m. for 6 months.

The installments are spread equally over 6 months at ZERO % INTEREST!! 

Installment Purchase Terms & Conditions:

  • All installment purchases are by credit card only. 
  • Once a purchase is made and the goods are received, the installment plan cannot be cancelled and must be paid up in full.
  • The Pinta espresso machine is paired up with a subscription of 40 capsules per month.  A machine may not be purchased separately. Actual mix of capsules to total up to 40 is for your choosing (Excludes Granell brand, and Baileys brand, and all Dolce Gusto compatible capsules)
  • The milk frother may be purchased as an add-on to the espresso machine only.  It may not be purchased separately
  • Delivered on schedule of monthly subscription anniversary
  • Delivery only upon completion of monthly subscription payment
  • An agreement will be signed by the client and is legally binding.  Any default on the agreemenor payment schedule is deemed enforceable under the Philippines Consumer Laws.

All capsule subscriptions are activated and managed via orders and payments.

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