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  • Over 85% of our Nespresso® compatible capsules are certified compostable and biodegradable. This is part of our commitment to providing responsible coffee solutions and taking proactive steps towards a healthier local and global environment.  Here’s a little information about our capsules.
  • Our capsules are 100% plant-based, compostable and truly PLANET FRIENDLY. 


      Punto Italia Espresso 
      Italian Roasted and Packed in Singapore.

    Our Nespresso® compatible capsules are certified biodegradable/ compostable to help the environment with sustainable coffee preparation. Punto Italia Espresso introduced the new line of compostable biodegradable capsules and developed a whole new project to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Using less energy, using renewable sources of energy, reducing waste and carbon footprint.


    PODiSTA Oxo-Biodegradable Capsules

    • Our PODiSTA capsules are made from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. They are recyclable and biodegradable but are not compostable. They can be recycled or treated as general waste where they will degrade at an accelerated rate of time in landfill. It takes around 2 years for this to happen. As a comparison, it can take up to 500 years for some other plastic and aluminium capsules to break down.
    • Oxo-biodegradable plastic will biodegrade on land or in water and will not leave harmful residues. It can also be recycled with ordinary plastics, making it very versatile.
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