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  • Over 85% of our Nespresso® compatible capsules are certified compostable and biodegradable. This is part of our commitment to providing responsible coffee solutions and taking proactive steps towards a healthier local and global environment.  Here’s a little information about our capsules. Di Stefano and Granell Compostable Capsules:
  • Our capsules are 100% plant-based, compostable and truly PLANET FRIENDLY. 

Di Stefano

  • Di Stefano is the only compostable capsule which complies with the OK BIOBASED and OK COMPOST certifications awarded by TÜV Austria / Vincotte as a finished product.

Cafe's Granell
  • Granell also carries the OK COMPOST certification as well as the DIN Compostable certification. 
  • No need to worry about recycling programs or inappropriate disposal. The capsule has no plastic or foil components. It will biodegrade in an industrial composting facility in 60 days. In domestic compost it requires a period of 20-23 weeks depending on heat and moisture conditions.  Even if the capsule finds its way into common garbage disposal it will break down into water and CO2 at an accelerated rate.
  • No need to worry about recycling programs or inappropriate disposal. The capsule has n
PODiSTA Oxo-Biodegradable Capsules
  • Our PODiSTA capsules are made from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. They are recyclable and biodegradable but are not compostable. They can be recycled or treated as general waste where they will degrade at an accelerated rate of time in landfill. It takes around 2 years for this to happen. As a comparison, it can take up to 500 years for some other plastic and aluminium capsules to break down.


  • Normal plastic erodes and breaks down into tiny fragments known as micro plastics. Such fragments are a serious environmental problem as they can lie or float around for decades. Being oxo-biodegradable, our capsules go much further than just fragmenting into smaller pieces – they rapidly convert into materials with a low molecular weight (which is no longer considered plastic) and become a food-source for naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Such organisms are also known as ‘decomposers’ and carry out the final natural process of decomposition, by releasing enzymes which are able to break down complex compounds. This is an essential piece of information to understand. Oxo-biodegradable plastic will biodegrade on land or in water and will not leave harmful residues. It can also be recycled with ordinary plastics, making it very versatile.
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